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A startup ranching momma with crazy barrel racing dreams. Searching for better health & financial wealth alongside some of the most badass ladies in the western world. Learn from them, with me, on our podcast! 

I love designing beautiful websites and graphics with a western flare!

You can find me in my poplar bush in the South East corner of the prairies. Manitoba, Canada

I'm Carollyne Kehler

Brad is the spoon to my peanut butter. He’s the tree to my saddle. He’s the hay to my bale. Ok, ok I digress… but seriously WE GO TOGETHER…in fact that was our wedding song (look it up…George Jones and Tammy Wynette… it doesn’t disappoint).  So as introductions go that’s not a bad place to […]

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The Kehler's

Busy Raising Kids, Cattle and Colts

Brad and I have a small ranch smack dab in the middle of Canada (Manitoba). We raise Quarter Horses with the goal of breeding competitive rodeo horses. We also raise commercial cattle and sell beef off farm. Home base is in the middle of 80 acres of poplar trees and we rent pasture all over South Eastern Manitoba. 



Brad wears many hats including:
Auctioneer/Owner at:
Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart
Grunthal Auction Service and
Big Country Supply.
He's our number one rancher and of course our super dad!

Chloe & Hailey

The Girlies

These two little spitfires stole our hearts. They love their mini horses, cats and dogs. They are both cheeky monkeys that love to tease and be super silly. They are always whispering sweet things in our ears (when they're not fighting or making giant messes in the farm house). Life would be boring without out these two girls. 

The Kehler Crew

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Leading ladies on an exploration into what it takes to raise babies, ride horses and live a ranch life. 

Inspiring them to believe that they can have amazing health for their horses AND themselves, they can look out over their farm and have pride rather than just a to-do list, they can find peace in the chaos, they can grow wealth despite the obstacles, they can chase their horseback dreams all while raising good humans. 

Exploring these ideas with the help of other experts and all around inspiring humans. 

Check out the Podcast

Podcast Host

(it changes all the time)

MSc. Animal Science
Barrel Racing addict
Host of Ride Like A Mother Podcast
Lifelong student of online Marketing
Self-taught Western Web Designer
Mom. Wife. Friend. Startup Rancher.
Health-nut with a hankering for a good avocado salad. 
Plexus Brand Ambassador

If you ride horses, raise livestock, love natural health or all of the above... You've come to the right place!! 

15 ish

(puppies improve that #)

3 ish

Cattle (and gaining)



Our level of crazy

The deets about me

I'm Carollyne

Horses are our Kryptonite

For Brad it’s about the genetics. It’s about The art of combining just the right traits to raise a spectacular horse. It’s about listening to stories of horses that have made a mark on the western world and hopefully being part of one of those stories. It’s about the waiting for a foal to drop and then studying its strengths and weaknesses. It’s about the short term gamble and the long term prospect of greatness. 


For me (Carollyne) it’s about letting the spirit of the horse lift my spirits. It’s about the first time a foal sniffs my hand. It’s about the shiver I get when a horse breaths warm air into my hair. It’s about the earthy smell of the horse barn. It’s about the first time a horse turns to face me and relaxes in my presence. It’s about the feeling of the wind in my hair and the sun on my arms. 

Well, that got a bit deep 🤷🏻‍♀️ but our passion is so strong it deserves some deep words. 




I'm so glad you're here. Let me throw on my boots and hat and let's get to work!