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So basically we're brand new at this. We just had our first litter of pups out of Jill (our purebred blue heeler Female) and Boris (our red heeler x border collie) in January of 2022. We plan on expanding into Cowboy Corgis (Blue heeler x Corgi) in the future. 

The two pups from our first litter found homes in record time (easy to be a record when you're the first lol). Both will be living their best doggie lives on ranches in Manitoba!!

Raising dogs since 2022...

Red Heeler x Border Collie


Blue Heeler

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REady to go to work




Jill is a purebred Blue Heeler we bought as a pup. She is relatively new to working cattle but is ready and willing to go do the job. A little to ready at the moment but we're working on it! 

She had her first litter in January of 2022 and I'm proud to say she is an excellent momma. Very attentive and raising some very chubby pups. 

Boris is a working cattle dog we bought as a three year old from a rancher in BC. He was already very well trained to work cattle and sheep. In fact he spent the summer working on the Gang Ranch with his owner. So he's pretty much got us beat when it comes to skills and know how. Now it's just a matter of us catching up with him and learning how to communicate! 






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Cattle Dog Connections

when we don't have any dogs for sale where should you go next? These people are great humans with so much knowledge to share.

If your looking for a dog or getting some cattle dog training, Check out this lady:

Check out: 4U Farms

Jade Unrau of 4U Farms is a special kind of dog person (the kind that whispers to them and they just listen to her). She's also an excellent teacher of humans. Head over to 4U Farms if you want any kind of dog related lessons: Agility, herding etc.

Jade Unrau

Located in Howden, MB




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