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Landing on a beautiful, engaging website just LIGHTS ME UP. I often end up wondering what it would be like to sit down with the creators over a frothy latte and hear more about what they have to offer.
Or better yet, ride up next to them at a rodeo and get chatting. I love looking at websites that spark my interest, and I love building them too!


So you want to build a website?

How do you Start?

Or better yet... How do you get it finished and launched onto the web? I mean, you have to actually run the business and create the amazing products & services that you want to showcase on your website. Who has time?  Am I right? 

That's where I, 


Come into the picture.


Let us take care of it

Graphic designs are my favourite! We use Canva as well as professional graphics programs to create graphics that really pop and convey your main message. At the end of the project we provide you with print and online versions of your graphic. I can also work with you to write some compelling wording to accompany the visuals. If your a Canva user (which I highly recommend) we can provide you with the Canva templates that you can update in the future. 


When we design a logo together we also create a mood board, choose a colour palette and fonts so that you can easily brand all your company documents and schwag moving forward. 


This package is for you if you don't have the time or tech skills to make the updates you would like to to your website. Let us take care of it instead. We work on a project by project basis (ongoing daily updates to websites is not our specialty). 

Examples of projects we could work on for you are: 
  • Adding a series of blog articles
  • Updating all your pictures
  • Adding new pages, services or products
  • Switching to a new Website Platform
  • Training staff on using your website builder
  • Upgrading your Search Engine Optimization

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Let's design your online presence together. We start with your online home-base, your website, and work our way out from there.

The foundation of my program is the 5 pillars of Web Design which ensure that you not only have a beautiful website but that it serves a purpose, is functional and works together with your other online activities to create an overall marketing strategy. 

The 5 pillars: 
  1. Collecting: Compiling all the assets (pictures etc.) you'll need to build an amazing website.
  2. Deciding: The major website decisions you need to make including timelines and tech.
  3. Building: Using your website builder to its full potential including writing and design.
  4. Connecting: Creating a cohesive online presence by connecting all your accounts & domains.
  5. Sharing: Launching and creating a long term strategy to attract your ideal clients and keep your website engaging.

Bonus: Reviewing your analytics.

This package is comprehensive and includes unique services because each business needs something a little different. Some of the services that we have provided in the past are: 
  • Product photography
  • 1 on 1 zoom training on using website
  • Facebook ads 
  • Social media launch graphics
  • Blog articles
  • Video interviews

 My goal is to make sure YOU know how to use your website. I want to put the power in your hands and give you the confidence to take charge of your own online presence.


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I'm so glad you're here. Let me throw on my boots and hat and let's get to work!