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All the class and grit to get the job done.

It’s tough slugging in the competition arena and on the ranch. It’s long days, lots of miles and ALL the conditions. That’s why we’re doing our best to raise horses that have strong bodies, consistent mindsets and are willing to go do a job. So that you can take them into the rodeo pen and WIN. Not just once but over and over again!


You put in long hard hours and our horses are the kind that can stay with you step for step. Whether that’s on the ranch, down the trail or in the rodeo pen.

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This Sorrel filly has a presence in the pen. She walks right up to you, she’s brave and full of life. She is also very photogenic, all my pictures of the yearlings seem to be of her. By our son of AQHA Champion ILL SMOKE YA. See more about LB SMOKIN JACK Out of a […]

2020 Sorrel Filly – BK SMOKIN CHICK




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